Themia Panagidou & Associates LLC

“Show value, create experience and always strive to exceed customers’ expectations”

“Kindness and courtesy are at the root of a positive customer experience”

Themia Panagidou & Associates LLC is a boutique law firm based in Limassol providing niche legal services with a resolute focus on corporate, finance and commercial matters

For us “customer service isn’t a department, it’s a philosophy” and for this we treat our customers with fidelity and professionalism to achieve the best possible bespoke legal result by providing effective, high quality and to the point services.

We are a a lawyer’s limited liability company under the Cyprus Advocates Law, incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number 396184 and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association with number 799.

Also, we are licensed by the Cyprus Bar Association to provide administrative services and our associated company Adfluentia Services Ltd is an approved ASP provider with registration number 1712.

Themia Panagidou


  • Established the law firm Themia Panagidou & Associates LLC
  • Joined an international audit firm and was working in the legal department for almost 5 years
  • Admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association while working at a prestigious law firm in Cyprus where she was involved in litigation and corporate matters.
  • Graduated in law from the University of Sheffield

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